Raimondo Campisi

Raimondo Campisi was born in Cairo, Egypt the 16 July 1947. His Greek mother and Italian father were both pianists employed as professors at the Tiegerman Piano Academy in Cairo. Raimondo’s father Oreste Campisi, pianist and conductor, has to this day left a deep impression on Raimondo. Already at the age of four Raimondo used to listen to his father playing the piano in his study and the boy went straight to the second piano next door and started copying his father playing Brahms. Realizing the exceptional talent of his son, Oreste Campisi started teaching him and later Raimondo studied under Ignace Tiegerman, Director and owner of the Tiegermann Academy and a pupil of one of Chopin’s pupils.

In 1958 the Campisi family went back to Milan, Italy and soon Raimondo started to study with Alberto Mozzati. During the following seven years of his study and subsequent graduation with diploma from the Conservatory G. Verdi in Milan, Raimondo Campisi met international musicians such as Arturo Benedetti-Michelangeli, Nikita Magaloff, Tito Fontana and Duke Ellington. He soon developed a deep interest in jazz and became one of the first pianists of his time to be equally adept at playing in both styles. His recital of Gershwin and other composers at the Wigmore Hall in 1986 abundantly displayed his unique talent. Campisi is the author of a number of compositions as well.

Campisi has won several international piano competitions and prizes: 1st Prize at the International Maria Canals of Barcelona, 1st Prize at the Taranto Concours, 1st Prize of merit at the International concours of Enna, 1st Prize and Diploma of Honour and merit at Pozzoli de Seregno of Milan, 1st Prize at the Concours of Trevise and 1st Prize by the French Institute for the best interpretation of Ravel. In addition he was awarded “Prix du Publique” at Versailles, Paris at the George Cziffra concert and awarded a Prize at the International Chopin Competition in Poland. Furthermore, Raimondo Campisi was awarded the title of “Knight of the Arts” by the President of Italy in 1988.

During his exceptional career Campisi has given more than 1000 concerts in famous places such as La Scala, Milano, Teatro di l’Opera in Rome and played on radio and TV in Monte Carlo, Spain, Switzerland and Italy. Today he still gives concerts, master classes and is frequently asked as member of juries in international competitions.

Secolo d’Italia 82 wrote: ”….Dances and poetry, that is Schubert….since the first Volume of the collection all qualities of the Maestro from Milan stand out and must be found in his clear but warm sound, in a “cantabile” never over-sentimental, in a coherent genuine interpretation emerging from those pages. Listen and you will believe”.

Diapason wrote: Schubert Integral Dances for Piano… Campisi possesses strength, lightness and “rubato”, he knows which mysterious harmony can rise even from the least important of those phrases”.

Le Monde, Parigi wrote: “…. precise, emotional, original in the “cantabile”, “rubato” and in ornamentation…. given his maturity of the last generation of concert performers, Campisi seems not to belong to his age. His refined pianism, through instant romantic ascend in a contained dimension of sound, is always warm and expressive and bring us back to faraway times, to an amusing and naïf atmosphere”.

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